Long Term Maintenance

It allows you to easily track and measure what people are saying about you, your company, a new product, or any topic across the web’s social media landscape in real-time. Social Mention monitors 100+ social media properties directly including: Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed, YouTube, Digg, Google etc. Social Mention able to alert users via emails/RSS. & the users may choose what level of notification he/she wants. Users can be alerted any further mentions.

Google Alerts – is a content monitoring service, offered by Google. Automatically notifies users when new content from news, web, blogs, video and/or dicussion groups matches a set of search terms selected by the user and stored by the Google Alerts service. Notifications can be sent by email, as a web feed or displayed on the users iGoogle page. Google alerts will notify users about new contents if there’s any. The notification will be via email, web feed or iGoogle which can be choose by the users. Users also be able to preview what kind of content are there available before deciding whether to subscribe anot.



WordPress does not have template editing and style sheet editing is only available as a paid upgrade.  Even that’s so; we will still consider WordPress as the blog server for the organization. The reason being that even WordPress does not include template editing, but they have quite a variety of ready-made templates for us to choose from. & As an official organization, we do not require fanciful templates to decorate our blog. But rather we need a simple looking and professional layout, which the ready-made templates could fulfill this particular need or even more than enough for us to choose from.

One picture speaks a thousand words. In WordPress, free 3GB storage for images are available. & However, in Blogger there is only 1GB storage for images, no only that but users have to sign up for Picasa for their Picasa Web Albums feature. This will be very trouble for the organization, as they have to manage both sides of accounts.

Blogger may have a better popularity than WordPress in Singapore, but this brought Blogger a drawback which is the traffic running in Blogger is slow. This is definitely a big disadvantage for the organization because traffic running slow meaning the blog page will load slower and with that, net users will get bored waiting and click off to other websites.

Organizations that uses social media tools

American Board of Family Medicine(ABFM)

They made their website more interactive and user friendly by adding able to change text size options. Navigation icons are also able to be seen clearly, as they are colorful and stands out on the white background of the website. Provide “Live Help” option, to allow users to ask help through a chat room that the organization had created.


Uses more social media tools, such as Facebook and Twitter. Having a Facebook page to allow audiences to “Like” and then on the audiences will be able to see any latest news on the “News Feed” of the audiences’ Facebook accounts. Having Twitter account to allow audiences to follow and aim the same results which is to allow audiences to know about their latest news. Not only that but also having E-Newsletter for users who are interested to sign up and the organization will send newsletter of their organization monthly via email.

Workload(Lorraine, Lydia, Jing Yuan & Dawn)

  • Mobile Employment
  • Organize contests
  • Barcodes scanning
  • Case studies on organizations
  • SAVH – activities
  • Micro blogging
  • Using famous bloggers/nuffang
  • Google analytic
  • Case studies on organizations
  • SAVH – needs & clients
  • Prototype micro blogging


Jing Yuan
  • Social Networking
  • Consolidate PowerPoint
  • You tube
  • Case studies on organizations
  • SAVH – partnership
  • Prototype of Facebook
  • Kinds of blogs – Security for blog
  • Edit website
  • Long-term maintenance
  • Case studies on organizations
  • SAVH – current status
  • Prototype of website


Reflection on Week 12’s New Media Landscape Talk

One of the key point Mr Tan Kian Ann mentioned is that to get our fundamentals right and stable, which I think it is absolutely true. We have to learn our basis right before we even step on to further steps. By having basis skills, one will definitely be able to find any job that suits them. Companies at most only will provide them with further courses which to help the employees upgrade their basis skills.

Another key point will be the interest in the particular skill. Without the interest/passion for the job, no matter how hard you work, you will not be able to excel in that area.

However, it does not mean that with interest/passion you do not have to work hard as well. Not only work hard but double, triple hard. This is the only solution for one to be successful in this area.

One cannot be impatient waiting for excellent results as well. In this work field, money does not just appear immediately after one project but rather projects after projects then you will see the results.

Also, one must put in all their efforts in every project they are doing. They cannot put in the different amount of effort for different priced of projects, by doing so people will eventually stop working with them or stop asking them to help them with any web development related projects. Thus money earned will be lesser as well.


Personally the part when they say about how and what they did in their respective companies sort of inspired me to pursue on web development as one of the ideal job, like how they did the blogs for various celebrities and so on.

Furthermore, the amount of pay they receive monthly or yearly definitely tempt to continue on web development as a career, which I think it’s also most of the people ideal pay for a job.

The fun they had in working in this work area is also another element that inspires me to take up web development as a job. This is so because I always wanted to have a job, which I can truly enjoy, and fun even though of their hard work they need to put in.


The “Tips and Tricks” is definitely useful as it gives us more information to decide whether to really choosing web development as a career in future.

A Trip to ACM.

One of the exhibits that caught my eyes is this striking and colorful box, which showed the different heroes that different religions believe in, like Sun Wu Kong for the Buddhism. Behind the colorful box is filled with peepholes and square blocks that able the audience to turn to different sides and read the main and interesting facts of each character. I personally think that they cleverly make used of humans’ mind set, which is that humans’ curiosity of looking into holes and wanting to know what’s in it. It also fulfills the new era human nature, especially teenagers – short attention span – the square blocks write only short, understandable and interesting facts about the characters and it also make it interactive with the audiences by making it turn-able. In the middle of the box they have 3 different parts of cylindrical blocks, which are able to turn as well, but it’s turn to match the head, body and bottom of some of the main characters. They must have taken the idea from the playgrounds we commonly see around HDB flats. The playgrounds have similar corners for children to mix and match the pictures printed on the turn-able cylindrical or square blocks which will result in them learning and have a image in their minds of what the particular picture is. The overall experience with this particular exhibit is actually quite fun, I spent a longer time on that particular box and even my friends who just peep and read the facts. Furthermore, it is located at the starting point of the whole exhibition thus I bet it will at least give most people a deeper impression even it’s not one of their favorite exhibits.

This is another exhibit that caught my attention, which is part of the Islamic exhibition. It was placed in a tent; the tent is commonly used in the past for the Muslims to rest in, which really gives us a better visual view of the whole exhibition on Islamic. This exhibit showed the calligraphy of Islam language, even though I have no idea what the words actually means but it somehow attracts me because of it’s curly wordings which I love to use it in design or even writing similar to the Italic fonts – ending with a curl of every stroke of English alphabets – like this “fish”. Its two touch screen devices below make the whole exhibit more interactive with the audiences. The devices mainly teach the audiences how to write the Islam words correctly. Islam language definitely plays an important role in Islamic culture, as even their bible also using Islam language.

The museum has uses technologies like projectors to project their videos about the past life of people of different races on the floor and walls. This particular technology is present in a dark room, which the videos showed would be more appealing to the audiences as it is the only main focus in the whole pitch-black room. The particular projector, which projects on the floor, is the one, which caught not only my attention but also my friends who went along. The reason being is that when you stand right above the video showing, you will have a feeling you are in the video itself watching it real life.

Another technology the museum uses is having computers with people recorded their speeches and it will play saying things like “Welcome!” and then will start explain the particular exhibition or exhibit when audiences touch it. This is definitely better than audiences themselves read from the exhibits or exhibitions, because in human nature, people will prefer to listen to real voice talking then reading text themselves. Both of these technologies definitely help in both public communication and education.

I would recommend that ACM can have virtual tours on their website, cause I realize that out of the 3 suggested foreign museums’ websites, 2 of them have virtual tours on their websites. This will definitely helps ACM to gain more audiences. ACM can also have social media tools like Twitter, as I saw from ACM website, they only have Facebook and RSS feeds. Adding more popular social media tools like Twitter can allow more people to know about ACM, as twitter have a system of following people and re-tweeting. Thus when one people re-tweet, that particular person’s friends can see about ACM and pass it on and so on.

Augmented reality: it’s like real life, but better…


The definition of Augmented Reality (AR) is a term for a live direct or indirect view of a physical real-world environment whose elements are augmented by virtual-computer generated sensory input such as sound or graphics. [Credits to Wikipedia] I’ve chosen this article review is because it mentioned quite a few things that I personally experiencing right now. Like iPhones, it’s almost common for students like myself to have the possession of it. The first thing I like about iPhones is that it’s definitely user-friendly & another thing would be the AR of it. My explanation of augmented reality would be technology that can show you extra accurate information on a real time background.


The first key finding will be augmented reality created by Layar. It is more popular for its “radar map” which simply show you example the nearest shopping mall when you use your phone and show to a certain direction and amazingly the “certain direction” is real time. Thus it will make everything look more in reality, as if experiencing it real life. This app is inbuilt in one of the famous gadgets – iPhones – nowadays, which is one of the reasons why iPhones is so popular recently. In my point of view, I think that having this kind of app is somehow make things we used to see it as surreal and allowing it to come true. It also gathers and gives you the information you may need in daily lives in a faster way and interesting way.

The second key finding is that augmented reality has taken social networking to the next level. Like what the article had mentioned, nowadays we can see other people’s profiles by just pointing a phone to the particular person. For more visual minded, it’s like placing your phone in front of a person and you will be able to see the person’s data, like their names and occupation etc, provided that the person have uploaded their information into the social networking site and you have access to it yourself. I personally thinks that this definitely allow people to interactive and bond more effectively. This new media definitely helps to boost greatly in social networking.

The third key finding will be that shopping nowadays also involves augmented reality. Take a step back in time and people are just shopping with virtual reality online, whereby people can choose see their wanted products, like clothes, on a virtual model within clicks away but now involving augmented reality, people can match their products on themselves visually, provided they have a webcam to connect with the shopping server. Just like in the article it had mentioned “Benetton is using AR in its latest campaign, called “It’s My Time” which aims to get members of the public to put themselves forward as potential models, and uses AR to show more details about existing models.” This allows the companies to interactive with their consumers/customers more straightforwardly and with more participation since nowadays everybody have software such as Adobe Flash Player installed in their laptops already. & With such software it will make it more convenient for people to connect and take part actively with the Internet world. Thus companies such as Benetton use this method to connect with their consumers/customers effectively. & With this, it able to make the commercial effect as while, which is definitely a one stone kills two birds method.

Another example of companies using augmented reality to advertise would be the famous sports car Audi. It collaborate with AR Door – a registered developer for augmented reality – and also Layar as well, which uses it to promote their new Audi A1 in Russia, furthermore Audi A1 is the first company to use 3D layer instead of 2D icons. It allows people to view the 3D Audi A1 in different places for people who are interested and wanted to see the different view of it in different places of Russia. In the article it also mentioned how Benetton uses augmented reality to attract people. Benetton come up with interactive ways using augmented reality to communicate with the people. They recruit models by asking people from around the world to take a video of themselves through the webcam and from their site that provide them with their Benetton background but at the same time having real time people (augmented reality applied). Comparing Audi with Benetton, Audi uses one step more advanced in augmented reality as they blended in 3D features. It will definitely attract more members of the public than Benetton and most probably get a better result than Benetton.

Click to watch & experience:


In conclusion, this new media trend, augmented reality has impact the world greatly. As now people are starting to use it almost daily and it’s really useful for people to get information that especially when it is very troublesome to get it in some ways. It definitely has great strengths in helping people in this advanced world. It not only helps the members of public also the provider that are the companies etc. However it also have its disadvantage. One of the defects of augmented reality is that it affects the young more nowadays, which the youth are the future of the world. & With all the augmented reality combine with games (“first person shooters”) which are three dimensional, real-time. Thus it is said to believe that it will increase teen aggression because they normalize violence. What I think that they could improve in decrease the chances of youths being aggressive that could control the usage of augmented reality in certain ways. Like perhaps blocking off the access to the online games site that involve AR after certain timings or maybe set a certain age that can play the augmented reality programmed games. However, the demands for AR still increasing as it can be seen from the latest statistics of the demands for smart phones.

(Requests for smart phones over the year)

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